June Townsend, the owner of Flour Child, started making bread for her two children, Nathan and Jasmine, and her husband, Mike.

Hello! I’m June Townsend, the owner, founder, and baker of Flour Child. I’m thrilled to share my journey spanning over a decade. It all began with a simple fascination for bread making, which gradually evolved into a deep-seated passion.

One particularly memorable day when I was visiting a friend’s home, I was introduced to what I fondly call my “Sunshine Starter.” I found myself learning the art of making fresh milled bread, bagels, and tortillas. Little did I know, a gifted baker had bestowed upon her a starter that would become a cornerstone of my baking for nearly a decade. This starter’s mild flavor and healthful attributes have been a defining element of my creations.

My quest for crafting the best bread led me to explore the realm of milling my own wheat flour. I realized that the freshness of flour is key to preserving its essential vitamins and minerals, untainted by oxidation.

This pursuit of nutrition became the driving force behind my creations. But more than that, I used this as a way to provide for my family.

On the weekends, you can often find me at local markets, connecting with a growing community of enthusiasts who appreciate the love and care I put into my baked goods. The joy of sharing with friends, family, and contributing to charitable causes has been deeply fulfilling.

Yet, my journey doesn’t stop at baking. I’ve embraced the role of an educator, guiding others in the art of milling their own bread. I firmly believe in the transformative power of freshly milled flour, infusing it into a myriad of recipes, from traditional staples like biscuits, tortillas, and bagels, to delightful surprises like pancakes and more.

My story is one of culinary passion, health-conscious choices, and a strong sense of community. I’ve poured my heart into my artisanal creations, striving to provide food that’s not only satisfying but also nourishing for the body and soul.

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