This is the sourdough starter that I use! And now… You can use it, too. Anyone can be a good sourdough baker, but it all starts with the starter.


I know better than anyone that it’s hard to get started when you don’t have any of the right materials. I get questions like, “What do you use to mix your dough with?” or “How do you let your dough rise?” To address these questions, I have listed the materials that I use and love. Skip googling answers and reading through reviews! I’ve got you.

Here are just a few options from Amazon. Please note that these are affiliate links, and I can earn a small commission if you decide to purchase these options!


Ever tried storing your bread in Ziploc bags? DON’T. I find that whenever I do this, there’s not enough airflow, which leads to condensation, especially for hot bread straight out of the oven. At the same time, you don’t want to leave your bread sitting out on the counter for hours to completely cool off since this can dry out your bread.

The solution? Bread bags. I love the brand that I use. If you find me at markets, I sell my bread in these bags. You can find them in Large Bread Bags or Medium Bread Bags.


One part of the process of making sourdough bread is accurately weighing the dough. This Digital Kitchen Food Scale is one that I trust. I also like this Stainless Steel Food Scale.

Cooking Vessels

After the prep work, you can finally start baking! Some baking vessels that I recommend using are a Bread Cloche, which is best for a crust that is not too hard, or a Ceramic Baking Stone.